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The layout of the newly built (2013 and 2016) four apartments is intelligent and comfortable. Every unit offers a luxurious and modern ambient, without being cold and also the privacy, necessary.

From 3 sides, the apartments are surrounded by gardens, the western, spacious pool-area, offers a large sun-deck and a barbecue-area.

The large windows to the south side can be opened almost complete, the boundary between inside and outside disappears. The organization of the space, structured by 2 floors, is perfect for 2-3 guests. The ground floor offers the terrace, living-area and open kitchen. The first floor offers sleep and bath-area with mini-spa.

Villa Rosa and Villa Palmeira:

Initially existed there an old, traditional, madeiran “quinta” with massive walls in natural stone. The bad structural condition and our approach in architecture and quality, did not allow a simple recover. So we decided, to merge the traditional stone walls with modern architecture, to create a harmonious result, that fits perfect for that special location.


Villa Rosa in the ground floor offers 2 sleeping and bathrooms, is ideal for families with kids or two couples.

Villa Palmeira in first floor offers the perfect space for 2 persons and a spectacular terrace.


All houses have free and fast WIFI.