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Luxurious apartments in a huge banana plantation, close to Calheta, Madeira, Portugal.

Enjoy, relax and unwind.

The purpose of the four, newly built apartments (built in 2013 and 2016) is just, to create perfect conditions for you, to relax.

Located in a huge banana plantation in one of the most exclusive locations in Madeira, facing the sea, at an altitude of 30 metres, no through traffic disturbs the total relaxation. Take a refreshing dive in the crystal clear blue pool, read a book under the shades of the lush green banana plants or enjoy simply the sun. On one of the sunniest spots in the southwest of the island, you find very attractive climatic conditions around the year.

The apartments are designed to feature luxurious interior, large windows open out fully to the sea and the boundary between inside and outside disappears.

Just the whispering wind in the banana trees, the sound of the sea and the birds singing can be heard at this unique place, no through traffic disturbs the total relaxation.